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Contact information
AddressPoints of Contact
25a Croydon Road,
Surrey Hills, VIC, 3127
Points of Contact

For specific information, please call:

Anita Drake (Secretary): 0400 202 570
Chris Thomson (Senior Convenor): 0425 759 399
Linda Braine (Junior Convenor): 0400 303 661
Natalie Dunphy (Night Convenor): 0400 665 574
Jonathan Holland (Membership): (03) 0407 355 089
Linda Kelly (Club Coach): 0418 773 988
Mark Watkinson (Maintenance Officer and Child Safe Standards Liaison Officer): 0409407035


CTC Committee:

Stephen Liu (President)
Anita Drake (Secretary)
Deb Gilchrist (Treasurer)
Chris Thomson (Senior Convenor)
Linda Braine(Junior Convenor)
Jonathan Holland (Membership Officer)
Linda Kelly (Club Coach)
Mark Watkinson (Maintenance Officer)
Brett Morey(Communications Officer)
Richard Moore(General Committee)
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