President's AGM Report

June 2018

President’s AGM Report

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’d like to welcome you to the Canterbury Tennis Club [the Club] 2018 Annual General Meeting. Equally importantly, I’d very much like to thank you all for attending this evening – as always, your presence is very much appreciated.

Further, I would like to especially mention the attendance of 2 of our Life members Kevin Bolton and Sue Constance – all still very actively involved in the affairs of the Club. Chris Thomson, another active life member, is attending an ESTA meeting and has tended his apologies.

As mentioned last year, the club remains in a strong position and this is largely due to the diligent work of both the current and past committees. By way of their endeavours we have an oversubscribed night competition, solid representation in senior weekend tennis and a thriving junior community, both being coached and playing competition. Additionally, the club arranges regular social days and nights which caters for not only club members but also prospective club members.
The club is also in a very strong financial position but I will leave the treasurer to provide details of this in her report. Suffice to say, we were able to hold the membership fees this year steady as a result. Indeed, I believe we have only had one fee increase in the last 5 years or so.

On the minus side however, the Membership decline that was noted in previous President’s Reports of the last few years has continued, but to a lesser extent this year. Membership at the individual level (seniors and juniors) has held steady but we have noted a drop in family memberships. Despite follow up action with non-renewing members no specific reasons or actions were noted.

On a more positive note, we now have 18 night teams which is 2 more than we can comfortable accommodate at Canterbury. The success and smooth running of the night competition at Canterbury can largely be attributed to Sue Constance. Sue stood down as Night Coordinator at the end of last year after nearly 20 years of service and has handed over to Natalie Dunphy. Thank you Sue especially, for your largely unsung hard work.

Club Championships are an important part of the calendar year for most tennis clubs. Whilst we would like more members to participate, the events were all very successful and I would like to thank Chris Thomson , Linda Kelly and her team of helpers for much of that success.
Our Open Club Championships were held in October 2017. Only the men’s competition was run and the successful singles champion was James Yeung.
The Junior Championships were conducted in September 2017
U/18 Boys: Winner – Shannon Bullus
U/18 Girls: Winner – Susannah Lutze
U/14 Boys: Winner – Luke Bass
U/14 Girls: Winner – Susannah Lutze
U/10 Boys: Winner – Ryder Smith
U/14 Boys doubles: Winner – Luke Bass & Edward Rosskam

Some other highlights of the past year have been:
The council has appointed a project team for supporting the redevelopment of the clubhouse and the first plans have been supplied to the club.
The new 5 year council lease for the club was signed after much consultation
Chris Thomson was (unsuccessfully) nominated by the club for a vacant Tennis Victoria board position
A new junior tennis coordinator and assistant were appointed
Implementation of a tennis calendar on the club’s website
A grant was obtained from the council to enable us to print and distribute advertising material on the Friday twilight tennis initiative
An Automatic Emergency Defibrillator was installed in the clubhouse by way of a generous donation from Kew Womens Golf Club

Looking ahead, we are expecting an exciting and challenging year for the club as we begin redevelopment of the club house. The clubhouse will likely be demolished next financial year and the club will need to operate from portables/containers whilst building works are underway. Undoubtedly it will be worth it and we will ultimately have a clubhouse of which we will all be proud.

Next, I would like to thank all members of the Committee for their support and continuing commitment to the overall management of the Club.
To Anita Drake – for ably and stoically undertaking the responsibility of Secretary
To Deborah Gilchrist – for her continuing support and attention to detail in her role as Treasurer
To Richard Moore – is the immediate past president and who has helped provide strong governance within the committee and much general assistance.
To Chris Thompson – for his role as convenor of the Senior Tennis Competitions, the club’s legal eagle and for continuing to promote the Twilight Tennis initiative
To Jonathon Holland – for his role as Membership Officer and coordinator for the club’s web site major upgrades
To Mark Watkinson – for his role as Maintenance Officer and his continued unstinting attention to the condition of the courts, Clubhouse and surroundings
To Brett Morey – for taking responsibility for the bi-weekly Communications and the entertaining manner of these communications
To Linda Kelly – for all of the work she does with junior and senior coaching, competitions and recruitment.

Unfortunately, the Committee is losing the services of Deb. The Club has deeply appreciated her commitment and the energy she has brought to the treasurer’s role. You will be sorely missed.
And as always, a special thanks to other volunteers and officers of the club who have contributed to the success of the Club during the year, most notably to Linda Braine[Junior Convenor] and to Sue Constance/Natalie Dunphy in their Night Tennis Convenor role.

Normally I would close by summarising the top three priorities for 2018/2019. Next year however, is a special year and the club house redevelopment will undoubtedly dominate the committee’s time as we assess the plans provided by council and organise the club to operate out of portable accommodation. This promises to be both an exciting and challenging time for the committee and the club in general.

Thank you
Stephen Liu
13 June 2018